Capable of High-quality and Well-tailored Legal Services

Our Firm

Although a newly established law firm, Hanling has an experienced, well trained and highly professional team with international vision. We commit ourselves to provide full range and efficient professional legal services to our clients.

  • Full Range Services
  • Capable and Experienced
  • Based in China with Global Vision

Full Range Services

Business entities are facing more complicated and varied legal affairs in their course of operation with the increasing of the diversity in the general economic activities. Even some very basic business activities are now entangling with more topics form legal aspects, which means legal professionals are required to have a broad and solid accumulation of professional knowledges and skills in order to provide clients with professional and suitable legal services.One of the strongpoints of Hanling is that our major members are all capable of providing legal services in various areas and have acquired great experience in their prior practice which enables Hanling's lawyers to advise and assist our client not only limited to a certain area but from a more general perspective, help our clients to be aware of all possible legal risks from the early stage in order to may more informed business judgement.

  • Full scope professional knowledge and skills

  • Major members are all experienced in multiple practice areas

Provision of comprehensive legal services to all kinds of clients

Hanling is assisting clients from the areas including:

  • Manufacturing

  • Trade and Distribution

  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical

  • Consulting

  • Logistic and Traffic

  • Finance

  • Technology and Innovation

  • Food and Catering

  • Property and Development

  • Energy and Ecology

  • Entertainment and Culture


Capable and Experienced

Although a newly established law firm, Hanling has an experienced, well trained and highly professional team. We put our efforts on the enhancement of our members' individual skills and collaboration of the team, committed to provide our client with professional, efficient and well-tailored legal services. Major members of Hanling are all graduated from prestigious law schools in China and overseas countries. They used to work in big sacle foreign law firms and have formed mutule trust and cooperation in the long-year prior practice before joining Hanling. Clients of Hanling covers a wide range including transnational corporations and their entities in China, big and middle scale state owned corporations and private corporations.

  • Excellent professional skills and teamwork

  • Experience of years' practice

An experienced, well-trained and efficient professional team

Based in China with Global Vision

Globalization of economy has brought profound changes to the business surroundings that companies are now placed in. China has become the country which has attracted and absorbed high volume of foreign investments as well as becoming a major capital-exporting country. This type of dual flows of business render more and more companies, either actively or passively, to review its business strategies and identify more appropriate development approach from an international point of view. Therefore, companies are now calling for legal services from a broader vision which has become a critical element to value legal services.

One of the biggest features of Hanling is its capability to provide legal services under international context. All major members of Hanling have experiences of studying in foreign universities and working in foreign law firms. Except for Chinese, they can at least use one foreign language to the level as a working language. They have been engaged in providing legal services to a great number of transnational corporations in relation to their investment in China. Also, they have frequently advised Chinese corporations in their business activities outside of China. All these have enabled Hanling to be a law firm featuring foreign-related legal services as their core strongpoint.

On the other hand, Hanling is well aware that the capability of providing international legal services depends on the firm's solid capability in provision of domestic legal services. Therefore, Hanling put great efforts on improving and enhancing our members' capabilities in dealing with domestic legal affairs leveraged with our abundant experience in providing our services under international context, to achieve the “Set Root in China with Global Vision” and provide our client with legal services of high quality.

  • Capable of providing services under international context

  • Solid capabilities in domestic legal services

Provision of high-quality legal services

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