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Hanling Assisted Japanese Listed Company in Its Internal Investigation

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Hanling & Partners Hanling & Partners Aug 01,2023
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Hanling assisted a Japanese listed company in investing its internal company fraud and the investigation report has been duly disclosed.


This case involved company fraud occurred in such listed company’s joint venture in China. During the past years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, communication of people and information has faced huge restrictions. Headquarters of transnational companies were unable to conduct complete audit and monitoring over its subsidiaries in China which has cause the increase of legal compliance risk. And due to the differences in legal system, accounting system and business customs in different countries, legal compliance under the global context has always been a difficult topic for transnational companies.


This case has coincidented with the time to issue listed company’s annual report, which means the investigation shall be completed within a highly limited period of time. Relied on our experience in the area of legal compliance, especially the international fraud investigation, Hanling has successfully helped the client to complete the investigation within the prescribed time limit.