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Hanling Was Invited to Hold the Joint Seminar with Mori Building (Shanghai) Company Limited on the Topic of Personal Information Protection

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Hanling & Partners Hanling & Partners Nov 08,2021
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On 20 October 2021, Hanling was invited to hold a joint seminar with Mori Building (Shanghai) Company Limited on the topic of personal information protection

China’s first Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) has officially entered into force from 1 November 2021. The enactment of the PIPL will provide legal grounds for protection of personal information as well as imposing new challenges on company’s legal compliance. By this joint seminar, Mr. Yuchuan Sun of Hanling has made a sharing focused on some of the most material matters of PIPL including the definition of personal information, basic principles of processing personal information, application of the PIPL and the compliance outline for cross-border transfer of personal information.

Recently, the areas of cyber security, data security and personal information protection have attracted enormous attention in China due to the rapid development of digital economy. This, we have witnessed the enactment of two important legislations, namely the Date Security Law and the PIPL. Therefore, Hanling will continue to put great emphasis on and strength our specialties in this area.